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The Sermon & Song Program

Follow the link below to listen to the current daily radio programs of Sermon & Song as aired on the radio. Great for those who cannot hear the program on a local station or who would like to hear a particular day's message and program again.

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For more than 50 years the "Sermon and Song" radio program has been heard spreading the Gospel over the air. Below you will find a listing of all the stations that carry the program. If you are a regular listener, we thank you, and pray that you will continue to faithfully listen whenever you can. If you are just discovering this site and ministry, we invite you to find a station near you or to listen now, on-line, to a Sermon and Song from God's life giving Word.

Where And When to Listen

FBN (Fundamental Broadcasting Network) WOTJ Radio Newport, NC 1: 05 AM Mo-Fr; 10:05 AM Mon-Fr; 1:05 AM AND 5:00 PM Sunday


Grand Junction KCIC FM 88.5 4:00 PM Mo-Fr; 3 :00 PM Sat


 Linton WYTJ FM 89.3 1:05 AM and 10:05 AM Mo-Fr; 1:05 AM and 5:PM Sun


Elkton WOEL FM 89.9 1:00 AM Mo-Fr; 9:00 AM Mo-Fr; 5:PM Su

All times listed for WOEL are Eastern Time Zone. WOEL is heard in parts of DE, NJ, PA.

Lexington Park WOTJ FMT 88.1 See FBN for times

Oakland WOTJ- FMT 88.7 See FBN for times


 Pryor KPGB-FM 88.3 See FBN for times


 Jamestown WDGM-FM 105.9 See FBN for times


Ayden WOTJ-FM 91.9 See FBN for times

Burgaw WVBS-AM 1470 See FBN for times

Clayton WHPY-AM 1590 See FBN for times

Henderson WOTJ-FMT 91.1 See FBN for times

Newport WOTJ-FM 90.7 See FBN for times

Princeton WOTJ-FMT 90.7 See FBN for times

Wilmington WOTJ-FMT 95.9 See FBN for times

Winston Salem WPIP-AM 880 See FBN for times


Clyde WHVT FM 90.5 1:05 AM Mo-Fr; 5:00 PM Su

Findley WHVT-FMT 1:05 AM Mo-Fr; 5:PM Su


Beaver Falls WITX FM 90.9 10:AM Mo-Fr; 5:PM Su

Waynesboro WOEL FM 91.7 1;00 AM Mo-Fr; 9:00 AM Mo-Fr; 1:00 AM Sat; 7:00 PM Su


Greenville WMUU AM 1260 3:00 PM Su

WMUU FM 94.5 1:05 AM Mo-Fr

St. Matthews WPOG AM 710 See FBN for times

Sumter WSSC AM 1340 11:40 AM Mo-Fr; 5:00 PM Su

Lexington WGNH FM 107.7 See FBN for times

Rock Hill WRHJ FM 93.1 See FBN for times


Watertown KJBB 89.1 See FBN for times


 Sneedville WSDC FM 88.5 1:00 AM Mo-Fr; 1:00 AM & 5:PM Su

Columbia WVOO FM 107.1 See FBN for times


Bristol WBMD LPFM 100.5 See FBN for times

Edinburg WOTC FM 88.3 See FBN for times

Harrisonburg WOTC FM 94.7 See FBN for times


Bernardstown WMLJ FMT 89.7 See FBN for times

Nimitz WMLJ FM 96.7 See FBN for times

Summersville WMLJ FM 90.5 See FBN for times


Douglas KFCB FM 105.1 See FBN for times


Newport NC USA WBOH 5920 khz See FBN for times

Newport NC USA WTPC 9370 khz See FBN for times


 Antigua: Caribbean Radio Lighthouse 1165 AM

Grenadines: Carriacou: Harbour Light Of The Windwards 1400 AM 94.5 FM

Marshall Islands: Majuro V7AA

Lighthouse FM Nipawin, Sask., Canada

Internet-Listen On-Line


1:00 AM Mo-Fr; 9:00 AM Mo-Fr; 5:PM Su

FBN at

1: 05 AM Mo-Fr; 10:05 AM Mo-Fr; 1:05 AM AND 5:00 PM Su

Harbour Light Radio at

4:45 PM Mo-Fr and 930 AM Sat. Atlantic Standard Time NOTE: you will need the free WINAMP player to listen to Harbour Light Radio

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