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The Sermon & Song Program

Follow the link below to listen to the current daily radio programs of Sermon & Song as aired on the radio. Great for those who cannot hear the program on a local station or who would like to hear a particular day's message and program again.

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Mission Project in Pakistan
The Lord opens a door of ministry for Sermon & Song in Pakistan

About Our Missions Project in Pakistan
In 2008 Dr. Collins became acquainted with Akbar Masih in Rajana Pakistan. He had a burden for the people but had found no way to do more than visit and have prayer in some of the homes in his village. Since we have been working with him he has been called to preach, started a church in his home and a preschool with a full time teacher in another village. He has translated and had printed 7 of our books. About every month he has an evangelistic prayer meeting in another area and gathers from 100 to 200 people to read and study the books and the Bibles we have purchased. Our radio audience and others has shared this burden with us. If you would like a part in a great mission field contact us or just make a donation for the Pakistan Ministry.

Update on Sermon & Song Rajana and the Pakistan Missionary Project
(July 2013)

Bible cover used on the Urdu Language "Whole audio Bible" for the people of Pakistan.