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Dr. J. Bennett Collins

Letter from The President
of Sermon & Song Ministries,
Brian Collins

Dear Friends of Sermon and Song Ministries,

Many of you have greatly benefited from the ministry of my late grandfather, Dr. J. Bennett Collins.  Serving full time in the ministry since a teenager, he lived the life of a man dedicated to the glory of God and the proclamation of the gospel.  His passing in June brought to a close his earthly story, and began a glorious and heavenly one.

I give thanks to the Lord for the positive impact my grandfather had on my life.  To me, he was so much more than a servant of God, and yet he was nothing less. 

In the closing weeks of his life, he expressed an interest to have Sermon and Song continue.  It has been asked of me to take over the ministry as president and I have accepted.  This position is necessary for the ministry to maintain a non-profit status.  I will not be receiving a salary or making any major changes, but will see that the advance of his teaching, music, and writings continue.

My family and I served as overseas missionaries for 10 years until recently when we were forced to return to the U.S. due to my wife's health.  Our hearts remain united with the vision my grandfather had that God's way may be known upon earth, His saving health among all nations (Psalm 67:2).

As many of you know, the focused labors of my grandfather in the last few years were in supporting the ministry of Pastor Akbar Masih in Pakistan (  We will continue emphasizing this amazing ministry and financially support this supernatural work of God in a closed, Muslim country.

So many of you have prayed for and financially supported the ministry of Sermon and Song through the years.  We humbly and gratefully appreciate your sacrifice.  Please pray with us that God will impact many for His glory through the ministry of Sermon and Song.

Laboring together with you for the glory of God,

Brian Collins