Romans 1:16 “For I am not ashamed of the gospel of Christ: for it is the power of God unto salvation to every one that believeth; . . ."

After 67 years of preaching the wonderful truths of God's Word, I still have a fervent desire to tell others of God's wonderful love. Welcome to this site and I encourage you to join with me to get out the message of Salvation to as many as possible in these last days.

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For the month of April, we have a message by Dr. Collins recently preached at the Choice Hills Baptist Church. This month's song is an inspiring rendition of the gospel song "He Lifted Me". Click here for this months Sermon & Song.

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Verse by Verse Audio Commentary of the Gospel of John; 15 hours of MP3 audio. Great for study, personal, Bible class or Sunday school class. Email today for information on how you can receive this.

Dr. J. Bennett Collins

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Dr. J. Bennett Collins
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Dr. Collins Iterviewed:Dr. Collins was recently Interviewed by David Greene, Director of The Gospel Hour ministry. Click here to watch several segments of the interview in which he shares his earliest memories of being a part of the ministry as Assistant Evangelist and Song Leader.

Pakistan Mission Project:

The Lord Has Opened
A Door of Ministry
to Sermon & Song In Pakistan


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Our Mission
The radio ministry called Sermon & Song began in 1961.  It has always been our desire to present the Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ to as many as possible. Through the years we have made monthly offers free to those who would write and ask.  By the provision of the Lord we have sent out thousands of packets of material without cost to the recipient.  Until the beginning of this web site we never put a suggested donation on any material.  Since the Internet site is available around the world, we felt that we had to protect the veracity of this ministry by putting a suggested donation to cover the cost when we set it up to receive credit card orders.  This is not a business and we have set the cost to cover our expense.

However, if you are absolutely unable to pay for any material we offer and want it for your own edification or to use as a witness of Christ to others, you may order anything we offer on the web site by writing for it using the order form provided for free material.  We cannot accept e-mail or phone orders. One exception is overseas orders, which we will send if you will write and let us determine the cost of shipping which we will ask you to pay in US dollars before we send the material. The other exception is the book “When God is in it.”  This is necessary due to the high cost of printing that particular book and the increase in shipping overseas. Those who are led of the Lord to send donations larger than the cost make it possible for us to send books and CDs to those who cannot afford them.

Mission Project:

Thank You from Pakistan

Please continue to Pray for and
encourage with
your gifts the people of Pakistan.
Members of Brother Akbar's church and some of the children with a special "thank you".

(pictured right) Dr. J. Bennett Collins with Akbar Masih during a recent visit to the USA.

Click here for the April update; learn more about this opportunity to share the Gospel of Christ in Paksitan.

Free Sermons and Songs -Download now FREE, for your enjoyment and to share with friends: Classic Messages by Dr. Collins and traditional Gospel Songs from albums only available and found in the "Sermon & Song" Library. Click here to download FREE Mp3 files now!

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